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  • Product : Azeri Light Crude Oil
  • Categories : Crude Oil
  • Origin : Azerbaijan
    (Offshore, Caspian Sea)
  • Loading Ports : Batumi
  • Acceptability :

Azeri Light Crude Oil

Azeri Light is produced offshore Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea from the Chirag and Central Azeri fields. West Azeri began producing in early 2006, East Azeri in 2007, and Deepwater Guneshli in 2008. Production reached 1MBD in 2010. Cargoes are available ex Supsa and Batumi; the Batumi export route commenced June 2005. Crude exported from Batumi is of same quality as that from Supsa.

Supsa Terminal: Located on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, the terminal has a CALM buoy which can accommodate up to 150,000 dwt vessels.

Batumi Terminal: The terminal is located on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, and crude is typically loaded at the CBM. Standard size cargo is 80,000 MT, but has flexibility of smaller or larger cargoes, subject to terminal agreement. Smaller crude vessels can be loaded at the three other berths in the port complex.

  • Product : ESPO Crude Oil
  • Categories : Crude Oil
  • Origin : Russia
    (West Siberia, East Siberia)
  • Loading Ports : Vladivostok
  • Acceptability :

Eastern Siberia Pacific Ocean (ESPO) Crude Oil

Russia's ESPO Blend is the flagship crude oil supplied via East Siberia Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline to Asian markets, especially China, South Korea, Vietnam. ESPO is supplied via inland pipelines under long-term contracts as well as seaborne volumes on spot basis.

ESPO crude oil comes from from fields at Tomsk Oblast and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug in Western Siberia.
The existing Omsk-Irkutsk pipeline also links with the ESPO pipeline at Taishet and supplies oil from the provinces of eastern Siberia.

  • Product : Arabia Crude Oil
  • Categories : Crude Oil
  • Origin : Saudi Arabia
    (Ghawar, Qatif, Haradh, Safaniyah)
  • Loading Ports : Ras Tanura, Jubail
  • Acceptability :

Arabia Crude Oil

Saudi Arabia began producing commercial quantities of crude oil in 1938. Since then it has built a reputation for unmatched reliability in supplying crude oil to energy markets around the world. Five different grades of crude oil are produced: Arabian Heavy, Arabian Medium, Arabian Light, Arabian Extra Light, and Arabian Super Light.

Ras Tanura: Ras Tanura is one of the most important industrial cities in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It has the largest oil-exporting terminal in the Kingdom and a major oil refinery, which is the oldest in Saudi Arabia.