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Caspian Oil and Gas

Over many years, Caspian Oil and Gas has been leading the industry in terms of exploratory and development drilling, as well as the number of production wells brought on stream.

The company develops the complete cycle of gas production and processing, gas-based power generation, and output of finished products and petrochemical feedstock. Several divisions of the company are involved in the whole range of prospecting and reservoir management operations, Oconstruction of facilities and pipelines, environmental safety, and process automation. ur crucial competitive advantage lies in advanced petroleum production technology successfully applied by its own service subdivisions. Oil is supplied to refineries and exported to CIS, Asia and Western Europe.

Caspian Oil and Gas has the capability of resolving land and sea oil field exploration; our exploration activities are focused on adding profitable production to existing core areas (Azerbaijan, Russia, and Kazakhstan) and developing potential new core areas (Uzbekistan and Angola).

Major sale markets of the company are located in Europe and Asia. Overall, our strong position within the commodities trading value chain provides us with numerous competitive advantages and enables us to strive for continuous operational excellence.

Currently, we are one of the few oil and gas companies with truly global presence and comprehensive coverage of all major markets. Our vast reach enables us to expand our trading and servicing activities in pursuit of sustainable growth for our business. We rely on our organizational structure and corporate values to maintain a competitive edge and drive our employees towards greater efficiency within the rapidly developing industry environment.

Caspian Oil and Gas assigns high priority to the development of corporate science, considering it as the basis for efficient production and a prerequisite for technological and competitive advantage.

The Company's personnel in the process of industrial and technological problem-solving, fully encourage and promote scientific, technical and innovative activities. Each year, the Company introduces innovation proposals having significant economic effect; the Company's young specialists and scientists make an outstanding contribution to the improvement of production efficiency, developing original scientific, design, and technological solutions.

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